What design elements have been made with the SinuPulse Elite® to reduce leaking, clogging, and premature wear common with Water Pik type irrigators used for nasal irrigation, and even those specifically marketed  as nasal irrigators,  that frequently wear out in a matter of months?


Water Tank:
Our water reservoir tank is composed of environmentally safe and responsible plastic. In addition unlike standard plastics, which are opaque, our water reservoir tank is molded clear for enhanced aesthetics and better visual inspection important when preparing the saline solution to ensure it is thoroughly dissolved. In addition, it is more resistant to calcification and mineral/salt deposits which are the primary contributors to clogging and premature wear.  It is also lighter for better recycling capability than standard plastics.


The step down design of the water reservoir tank has been developed to help reduce settling of salt compounds near the valve assembly as a result of preparing saline. The water reservoir tank is wider and shallower to improve the ability to mix powdered saline solutions from the bottom further reducing excess salt deposits on the bottom of the reservoir. By minimizing settling of salt compounds to the bottom of the reservoir we can further reduce wear prolonging the life of the unit. 


We have designed the water reservoir tank to rely fully on the reservoir valve connection for proper seating and placement with the upper housing to ensure a no leak fit.  The smooth flat surface of the upper housing supports the water reservoir tank and has no injection molded impressions or cut outs common on standard irrigators, which some may suggest would better anchor the tank,  but can contribute to trapped water and mold formation. Our unique design makes routine cleaning easy and actually helps to resist mold and mildew formation common in virtually all other irrigators as any uneven surface area can become a mold trap.


Pump Assembly:
Our pump assembly features a composite fiber reinforced polymer to help protect the internal piston components and seals from exposure to the corrosive properties of the salt compounds in saline which contribute to premature wear and leaks associated with inferior less costly irrigation devices.


Note: Periodic drainage from the bottom of the unit is normal.


Peripheral components (i.e. control knob; on/off button; EZ Touch pressure control on handle)
All peripheral components are designed to withstand the corrosive properties associated with saline solutions. The control knob has been designed with a firm fit to withstand constant vibration of the unit and to maintain pressure control at all times without any loss of pressure. This is a common problem with intermittent pump assemblies that are exposed to the combination of vibration and saline rinses.  The control knob has been tested along with other components to a lifecycle test of 3500 rotations.


Quality Control and factory testing:
All components are tested to 3500 lifecycles.  Our extended warranty is the longest in the industry. We are very proud that our failure rates are far less than the industry standard.



The qualIty and durability  of the SinuPulse is backed up by our two year manufacturer warranty,  the best in the industry.