Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our nose is part of a wonderfully designed system that protects our nasal passages from outside irritants. This "system" is covered with microscopic hair-like structures called cilia that pulsate and clear foreign substances from your nasal membranes and out of your sinus passages. When your immune system reacts to an allergen, the mucous produced by your body becomes thick and sticky. When this occurs, your cilia are covered up by this thicker mucus and are unable to move freely to clear the membranes. In effect, the cilia become stagnant, immobile and ineffective at helping you clear out foreign substances and infections. Historically, many cultures & people have used nasal irrigation in an attempt to find relief from clogged nasal passages.

No, there are various forms of nasal irrigation or nasal wash products designed to cleanse the nose with a saline solution. Applying the saline solution has never been easy or pleasant. A wide variety of these nasal wash products including neti pots, bulb syringes, suction devices, and nasal wash bottles direct a saline solution into the nose. Their effectiveness is limited since the saline solution tends to flow over the top of the bio-film in a superficial manner doing little to break down biofilm and restore ciliary function but may be helpful in providing temporary relief.

Unfortunately, everyone uses the term nasal irrigation or sinus irrigation loosely. The SinuPulse Elite and Traveler utilize a pulsating rinse action that delivers a 1200 pulse per minute oscillating stream of saline designed to stimulate nasal cilia and provide maximum cleaning benefit. The pulsatile action matches the normal speed and movement of healthy cilia. Why is this important? Bacteria, dust, pollen and viruses get trapped in the layer of mucus that covers the nasal membranes. If the nasal cilia move normally, the trapped bacteria are moved quickly out of the nose, before they have a chance to multiply. However, if the nasal cilia are impaired then the mucus blanket remains in place and allergens, pollutants, and bacteria multiply and allergy and sinus problems develop including sinus infections.

Recently rated the #1 nasal irrigation system by NY Magazine, and supported by dozens of published medical reports, the electronic pulsating rinse action of our SinuPulse products gently rinse away allergens, dust, mucus, and germs from hard to reach areas that other nasal wash products leave behind. The pulsating rinse action creates an impact and flushing zone that helps break down biofilm, remove bacteria, and restore ciliary function for longer term protection and sinus relief. Clinical research demonstrates pulsatile irrigation can be up to 100x more effective than non pulsating methods for removing bacteria and more effective than some antibiotic solutions for clearing infection1. The pressure and rate of pulsation is gentle enough that even children as young as five adjust well to irrigation. 1Efficacy of Irrigation Removing Staphylococcus, Anglen,Orth Trau 1994 Oct;8(5):390-6. Clinical Study:Laryngoscope.2000 Jul;110:1189-93

No not at all. Some may envision an unpleasant experience of accidentally getting water up your nose. This could not be further from the truth. Actually, it is quite pleasant. The solution is warm and soothing and gently bathes your nose with a gentle pulsating rinse designed to moisturize and cleanse the nasal passage sand sinuses. The warm and soothing rinse will leave you breathing better, feeling clear, and healthy.

- Distilled or sterile water.
- Previously boiled water. Boil for 3-5 minutes, then cool until lukewarm. Previously boiled water can be stored in a closed container for use within 24 hours.
- Filtered water using a filter with an absolute pore size of 1 micron or smaller.

Any saline product may be used with the SinuPulse Elite® and SinuPulse Traveler® models. However, SinuAir is recommended best for pulsatile nasal irrigation and all other nasal wash methods. It is much more than simply food grade sodium chloride (salt) and baking soda found in most other saline products. SinuAir contains sodium, potassium and calcium salt compounds in a formulation widely reported both effective and gentle for maximum cleansing benefits, moisturizing, and to enhance nasal ciliary function. This formulation will appear slightly cloudy and is normal. The gentle soothing formulation and maximum cleansing benefit is an excellent alternative for those sensitive to harsh saline solutions.

The SinuPulse Elite® and SinuPulse Traveler® models take only minutes to use. Simply add saline powder or non iodized salt as directed and mix with distilled water. Add the prepared saline solution to the water tank. Simple and easy to use, the SinuPulse Elite® and SinuPulse Traveler® models deliver a gentle pulsating rinse that cleans and moisturizes. It is far less messy than a neti pot or squeeze bottle. The pulsating rinse action of the SinuPulse products will do all the work leaving your nose feeling refreshed and clean.

The SinuPulse Elite® and SinuPulse Traveler® Irrigation products use a gentle pulsing rinse to cleanse and help restore the natural rate of pulsation of the nasal cilia which are the key to protecting your sinuses against foreign bodies. No other form of nasal irrigation does this. It has been reported that pulsating irrigation is up to 100X more effective at removing bacteria. The pulsating rinse action not only helps you feel clear and makes breathing easier it addresses the underlying problem of poor functioning cilia the key to long term sinus health. Healthy cilia are the most important element in filtering allergens and preventing sinus infections.

There are many methods of nasal irrigation none as effective or as simple to use as the SinuPulse products. Neti pots are messy and uncomfortable to use as they rely on gravity and force the user to be placed in an awkward position, Squeeze bottles, bulb syringes, and neti pots do not pulsate and the rate of flow is neither controlled or sufficient to effectively cleanse the sinuses. They have high rates of contamination with recent published medical journals reporting up to 80% of nasal wash bottles are contaminated after the third use. The best way to restore ciliary movement is use of a pulsatile irrigation device that matches the normal pulse rate of healthy cilia.

Excessive noise (squeal) can occur if the SinuPulse Elite water tank is not fully secure. This is due to the robust motor and pump assembly that creates strong suction and possible air gap between the enhanced O-ring on the water tank and the SinuPulse unit. This is easily resolved by simply pushing down on the water tank to ensure it is fully seated. A small application of Vaseline around the black O-ring located on the outside bottom of the SinuPulse Elite water tank before first use and periodically as needed will help to ensure proper placement and seal if the O-ring is dry on first use, becomes dry from a period of continued use, or recent storage. The noise level is comparable to most standard oral irrigator (water pik type) products. The robust motor and pump assembly has been designed specifically to withstand the corrosive effects of saline. The electronic piston driven pump assembly creates a 1200 pulse per minute intermittent pulsating rinse for maximum cleansing benefit reported so effective at removing bacteria. The high-performance motor and piston driven pump assembly have been carefully designed to balance the need for high performance and durability with sound level. Certain bathroom environments and non-sound absorbing surfaces and countertops such as granite and tile may increase sound levels. A simple hand towel placed under the unit will help reduce the sound level considerably.

If the motor is running but the solution is not pumping, experiencing reduced water flow, or leaking appears under the unit - this is almost always a quick and easy fix. On the outside bottom of the water tank you will find a small black O-ring. This seals the water tank when seated on top of the SinuPulse and helps regulate water flow. The O-ring may be dry and require lubrication prior to first use, from a period of regular use, or after a period of inactivity. To lubricate the O-ring simply apply a very small thin application of Vaseline with your finger around the O-ring which does not need to be removed. A small application is all that is needed to ensure optimal performance with periodic applications 2-3X annually. Clean the SinuPulse Elite regularly as directed, including periodic dilute vinegar rinse, to minimize mineral deposits and calcification which can contribute to reduced performance (flow rate) and premature wear. Use of distilled water is recommended best for long term durability. Remember to empty water tank after each use, rinse thoroughly, and allow to air dry. Do not leave solution in water tank when not in of saline solutions contribute to mineral and salt deposits which can accumulate in your irrigator, causing it to lose pressure and effectiveness over time. Following some simple steps will keep your SinuPulse® irrigator clean and ensure optimal performance. For more information see our maintenance & troubleshooting page

Use of saline solutions contribute to mineral and salt deposits which can accumulate in your irrigator, causing it to lose pressure and effectiveness over time. Following some simple steps will keep your SinuPulse® irrigator clean and ensure optimal performance.

After each use rinse the water tank thoroughly with warm water to remove any residual saline and allow to air dry. Soap and water may also be used periodically for cleaning. It is beneficial to frequently rinse the unit after use by running through a full reservoir of pure warm water til there is no more water in the reservoir and none is being ejected from the tip. Once the water has all gone, continue to allow the unit to run for about 5 seconds, to push out any residual moisture. Be sure to wipe down the unit regularly to remove any saline solution that may have spilled on the exterior to minimize accumulation of salt deposits. Rinsing the unit periodically with dilute vinegar (3:1) every 1 -3 months is recommended to help reduce mineral deposits and calcification. It's easy to keep your SinuPulse® irrigator clean so you continue to get the maximum benefit for your sinus health. For more information see our maintenance & troubleshooting page