Sinus Congestion

Sinus Congestion

Sinus congestion is a problem that millions of Americans face every day. It is imperative for people who are suffering from sinus congestion to find a remedy for their condition. However the first step is to obviously determine what is causing the nasal congestion ( i.e. a common cold, allergies or sinusitis). There are hundreds of cures in the market today but it requires that you know more about your condition so that you can choose the right course of action. 

One of the best ways to beat sinus congestion and prevent it from coming back is to lead a healthy and active life. If your immune system is healthy you have a better chance of fending off frequent sinus infections. Some times your body could be dealing with multiple infections and this is why it is important that you drink lots of water and take various vitamin and mineral supplements along with maintaining a good diet.

Home remedies for sinus congestion

There are numerous home and natural remedies which can be used to treat sinusitis and other issues related to sinus congestion. These remedies can also be used to treat other symptoms as well. One of the easiest and possibly the simplest method is sinus irrigation. There are various sinus irrigation techniques but the one reported best in published medical reports for bacterial removal is the use of pulsatile irrigation. The gentle pulsating rinse action of the SinuPulse helps to remove bacteria at a rate more effective than non pulsating irrigation methods.  The leverage technique of the intermittent pulsing rinse helps break down biofilm a breeding ground for bacteria and helps to restore the natural mucociliary function for long term sinus health and protection. 

Nasal sinus congestion

There are many contributing factors for  nasal and sinus congestion.  A doctor will be in a better position to accurately diagnose the root cause of your problem. However, you can reduce congestion by using a few natural cures such as using the SinuPulse for sinus irrigation.

Sinus congestion remedies

Inhalation therapy is another good way to clear out nasal congestion and just requires a bowl and some water. You pour hot water into a bowl and inhale the steam generated for at least 5 minutes every day preferably before going to bed. This is probably one of the most simple and effective methods to relieve congestion that can be done at home. The hot steam helps kill the germs that are causing problems as well as clears out the congestion by loosening it up. The steam also helps reduce inflammation of your nasal lining. People who suffer from chronic congestion should stick with regular inhaling.

People often underestimate the power of drinking lots of fluids. Drinking fluids ensures that your body does not suffer from dehydration.  It also ensures that the mucus does not get blocked inside of your nose and inflame the area.  Warm water and even tea can help thin the mucus. Drinking hot soups helps relieve nasal blockage as well as various referred sinus pains such as teeth, ear and eye pains. Fluids help flush out the toxins which have built up inside of your body. Regular use of the SinuPulse Elite® can dramatically clear your sinuses and provide quick and effective relief.

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