Sinus Rinse

Sinus Rinse

Today our environment is filled with all types of airborne particles which we easily pickup when we are inhaling. For millions of people around the world it is these allergens that cause all types of lung, nose and eye problems. Now even though many of these allergens might be harmless they still trick your body into thinking that it's being invaded. The problem becomes even worse for people who suffer from conditions such as sinusitis. 

When a person is suffering from cold like symptoms its imperative that they regularly perform a plain and simple procedure called 'sinus rinse' which basically means rinsing your sinus with water. The patented SinuPulse pulsating rinse action uses a technology medical reports indicate is more effective at removing bacteria than non pulsating irrigation methods. Today there are other substances in the market you can purchase and use as a sinus rise but pulsating nasal irrigation is by far the best. 

The purpose of a sinus rinse is to flush out anything that shouldn't be there such as pollen and dust particles which can cause an irritation inside of your nasal passages. If you are suffering from inflammation and mucus build up rinsing your sinus three or four times a day along with cold medication should do the trick. If possible you should also stay away from dusty areas and plants if the cause is pollen getting stuck inside of your sinuses.

Blocked Sinus

Airborne particles can cause all types of infections which can lead to blocked sinus. A blocked sinus can also be the result of advantages of sinusitis which is actually a growth in your nose which when becomes too big can begin to block your sinus air passage. In this case you might have to undergo minor surgery to get the growth removed from your sinus. However if its only congestion or mucus blocking the entry of air though your sinus then there are a number of prescription and over the counter drugs you can use in order to clear your blocked sinus.

Chronic Sinus Problems

People who are suffering from chronic problems are often feeling the initial stages of sinusitis. These people will experience frequent headaches, running noses, and pain in there ears. Some times they might even experience itchy eyes and watery eyes. When you begin to feel these chronic problems it's always a good idea to first consult a doctor. A doctor will be able to track down the cause of your problem as well as prescribe a possible course of action. It's also a good idea to irrigate your sinus using SinuPulse. The SinuPulse actually helps clean out your nasal passages and lower sinuses making you feel better instantly. Regular use with the SinuPulse not only reduces symptoms but targets the root of the problem by helping to restore the natural mucociliary function and helps to prevent future infections. 

Many people tend to use over the counter drugs to suppress or temporary cure the problems they are facing only to later find out that the problem has become even worse. Many doctors will prescribe a steroid nasal spray which you can use along with an inhaler if you are having a problem breathing. As mentioned above a sinus rise  is recommended to help clear out your sinuses from any airborne particles which might have entered and are causing a problem.

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