Frequent Colds

Frequent Colds

One of the first things an ENT specialist checks for when you visit them complaining of frequent colds is whether you are suffering from chronic sinusitis caused by sinus allergies. One of the prime causes of sinusitis in the majority of people is sinus allergies. Today sinus allergies can easily be diagnosed by a doctor with a blood test which is much easier than the skin tests which were used in the past. People are usually allergic to several things including molds, dust and dust mites. Depending on how strong or weak your allergies may be your doctor might recommend that you start a series of injections in order to counter the allergens. 

The mechanism which triggers sinus allergies has a relationship with a sufferer's immune system. Some allergens will cause no reaction whatsoever, however,  in some they might trigger an aggressive immune response. It is the result of this exaggerated response of the immune system which can cause inflammation which can lead to the release of histamines and other chemicals which also leads to the formation of excess mucus in the sinus tract.

Sinus allergy relief

The best possible way to avoid such an allergic reaction is to avoid contact with the offending allergen which causes an exaggerated reaction in your body. However avoidance is not always possible for instance if you are allergic to dust and you happen to live in the southwest region of the US avoidance with dust is not realistic unless you stay indoors or relocate to another state. Sinus allergy relief can be sought by regular nasal irrigation in order to clear out the nasal passages. 

Steam therapy or the inhalation of steam is also a good way to seek sinus allergy relief.  However the effects of this might be short term at best but when done daily they can really have a big impact on your overall health as the steam will work regularly to clean out your sinuses. For people who constantly complain of a stuffy nose regular use of steam inhalation therapy twice a day is recommended until their condition clears and then they can do it once daily.

Sinus Headache Cures

There are numerous sinus headache cures but the majority of those cures are temporary to say the least the reason being that the root cause of your headache is not your head but your sinus. Usually people who are suffering from a blocked sinus or pressure from their sinus tract will experience migraine headaches or slightly numbing headaches which can be temporarily taken care of by regular over the counter headache medicines. 

Massage therapy is also good for sinus headaches as it releases the tension which the infected sinus is having. Some people also find relief when they visit a spa and the sauna room in particular since the steam can help open their blocked sinuses and allow them to breathe better. Drinking lots of water and taking frequent naps during an infection will also help relieve headache pain. The SinuPulse can also be used to clear the sinuses and provide quick headache relief. The SinuPulse is a modern and innovative way to irrigate your sinuses to clear your nasal passages and lower sinuses of purulent material, remove bacteria, and help restore the natural mucociliary function for long term sinus relief and protection from colds and infection.

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