SinuPulse or Navage?

SinuPulse or Navage?

Published September 2023


Nasal irrigation has become increasingly popular for those seeking relief from frequent sinus infections, allergies, post nasal drip, nasal congestion, and other sinus issues. SinuPulse and Navage are two well-known nasal irrigation systems on the market, each with its own set of features and benefits. In this article, we will compare SinuPulse and Navage and argue why SinuPulse is the superior choice for individuals seeking effective nasal irrigation.

1. Proven Relief Trusted by Millions

    Health Solutions Medical Products is the Original Sinus Irrigator company and nasal irrigation pioneer, since 1996. Revolutionizing the modern nasal wash industry nearly 30 years ago, with dozens of published medical reports and clinical support, their pulsatile nasal irrigation products are recommended over other products including Navage. Today millions around the world experience the superior benefits of SinuPulse and pulsatile nasal irrigation.

    2. Technology and Functionality

      SinuPulse utilizes a gentle pulsating stream of saline to irrigate the nasal passages. This gentle pulsating rinse action uses maximum leverage to help flush out mucus and allergens and remove what other nasal wash products leave behind. The SinuPulse is a versatile nasal irrigation system that features a dual pulsating spray and rinse operation. The pulsating rinse delivers maximum cleaning benefit while the micronized pulsating mist spray is useful for targeted delivery of holistic and prescriptive rinses. In contrast, Navage relies on suction, like a bulb syringe, with limited adjustment and cleansing benefits. 

      SinuPulse is engineered to deliver a mean flow rate of 600 ml/min or more at the maximum setting and can deliver nearly 24 oz in approximately one minute 3X more cleaning power than other methods including Navage. The SinuPulse is fully adjustable to control both water flow and pressure for individual comfort. SinuPulse delivers a 1200 pulse per minute oscillating rinse action to relieve sinus and allergy symptoms and is engineered to match the natural frequency of the nasal cilia to help break down pathologic biofilm, remove bacteria, and restore natural ciliary function for long term protection. The gentle pulsating rinse creates an impact and flushing zone producing a compression and decompression phase for clearing mucus, bacteria, and debris. SinuPulse products utilize BPA, estrogenic and androgenic free plastics, and no catch basin like Navage which must be carefully cleaned after each use and to avoid contamination.   

      3. Customization

        SinuPulse offers fully adjustable pressure settings to customize the irrigation experience according to your individual comfort level and specific needs, ensuring a gentle yet effective nasal irrigation. Navage lacks this level of customization. The ability to adjust the pressure ensures that users of SinuPulse can tailor the treatment to their specific condition, making it a superior choice for those with varying degrees of sensitivity. SinuPulse products are quick and easy to use for all ages 5+ and up. 

        4. Cost-Efficiency

          When it comes to affordability, SinuPulse stands out as the superior option. The initial purchase price of SinuPulse is typically lower than that of Navage. Additionally, SinuPulse can be used with any saline solution without the need for EXPENSIVE SALT PODS that Navage requires, making it a much more cost-effective long-term choice for users that will save hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

          5. Ease of Use and Maintenance

            SinuPulse's straightforward design and easy-to-follow instructions make it user-friendly, even for those new to nasal irrigation. Cleaning and maintaining SinuPulse is also hassle-free. In contrast, Navage has a more complex design with more parts to clean, which may be intimidating for some users. The simplicity of SinuPulse's design makes it a superior choice for those seeking a hassle-free experience.

            6. Durability and Warranty

              SinuPulse is known for its durability and comes with a reliable warranty. Users can trust that their investment in SinuPulse will last, providing long-term relief from nasal issues. Navage, while effective, may have a higher chance of wear and tear due to its more intricate design. SinuPulse's reputation for durability and its warranty make it the superior choice in terms of longevity.


              SinuPulse emerges as the superior choice in several key aspects. Its pulsating technology, superior performance, dozens of published medical reports, customization options, affordability, ease of use, maintenance, and durability all contribute to its status as the top choice for individuals seeking sinus relief. SinuPulse's commitment to user comfort and convenience sets it apart, making it the preferred option for those looking for an effective and user-friendly nasal irrigation system.

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