Nasal Irrigation

Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation is a straight forward method used for cleaning out the inside of your nasal cavity. The concept behind nasal irrigation is simple and easy to understand. The theory behind this is that various airborne particles, allergens, and bacteria may accumulate and contribute to an infection or an allergic response resulting in the excessive production of mucus inside your nasal passages. 

Nasal irrigation helps to rinse away and clear the nasal passages and lower sinuses of the excess mucus and allergens (i.e. dust particles, pollutants, bacteria and pollen etc) as well as reduce the inflammation of the mucus membrane. This helps restore the natural mucociliary function and mucous membrane necessary to fight the allergies and infections reducing symptoms of sinuses disorders. 

Nasal Irrigation Sinus

Nasal irrigation systems have been used for thousands of years by people to clean out the inside of their nasal cavity. Yoga practitioners have used saline irrigation systems for many centuries before modern research discovered just how effective nasal irrigation is for people suffering with allergy and sinus problems.

Today nasal irrigation can be achieved using various methods including the traditional Indian neti pot, which was used by yoga practitioners. There are also several other manual nasal wash products on the market you can use such as a bulb syringe or squeeze bottle. The manual methods can be messy and inconvenient with limited effectiveness but are very inexpensive. Many physicians, hospitals, and universities, recommend the SinuPulse Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System over the lower cost manual methods due to the effectiveness of pulsatile irrigation reported to be more effective than non pulsating methods for bacterial removal. The electronic SinuPulse is easy to use and takes only minutes each day for effective cold prevention and allergy relief. Many of these irrigation products may be found at your local pharmacy as well as online. 

Nasal Irrigation Treatment

When you want to use a nasal irrigation system there are several to choose from. These range from high tech and electronic pulsatile systems such as the SinuPulse to the low cost manual methods such as the neti pot.  The range of systems can make choosing a nasal irrigation system difficult especially if this is your first time trying to use nasal irrigation to clear out your sinuses. The SinuPulse is one of the few nasal irrigation tools that doctors recommend to their patients. The SinuPulse uses a gentle pulsing saline rinse action to clear out the nasal passages and sinuses in mere minutes. Many people feel the results of a clear sinus almost immediately 

There are hundreds of websites which will give you information on the various nasal irrigation systems available in the market and online. Unfortunately few accurately communicate the difference and distinction in performance between the low cost non pulsating manual nasal wash products such as the neti pots and squeeze bottles and the higher performance pulsating sinus irrigation systems such as the SinuPulse.

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