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Our SinuPulse Elite® and SinuAir® products are available online at these fine national retailers.

Online Retail Partners

Most retail stores that carry our SinuPulse product online (i.e. Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Target) have the following policy: Product orders placed online cannot be picked up in store. However, if a product is online, and the local store does not carry that product, a manager can order that product for you and have it sent to that store. Our products are also available at leading allergy and asthma dealers nationwide and online retailers. as


Because we have distribution agreements with the nations top drug wholesalers most pharmacies and chain drug stores can bring in product from their drug wholesalers, special order if needed, or they can order from us directly. If your local pharmacist does not already stock our products, you can have them contact us directly (800-305-4095) and we can give them all the information they need to carry our products.

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For our customers in China a 220/240 Volt 50Hz is available with China plug and power cord through our authorized distributor. Not for use in USA.

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