Our players and staff have been working with the sinus irrigation products from Health Solutions Medical Products Corporation and the SinuPulse Elite with great results. They have definitely been great holistic tools to use in our training room for our players that suffer with chronic allergy and sinus problems.  I highly recommend their use as an effective and natural treatment for allergy and sinus relief."


Jim Ramsay
Head Athletic Medical Trainer, 4X NHL Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers
Head Athletic Trainer for the gold medal-winning Team Canada at the 2002 Winter Olympics


 "I recommend the SinuPulse Elite from Health Solutions Medical Products.  Our team has been using their sinus irrigation products as part of our regular healthcare regimen.  We have found the products help our players that suffer from allergies and sinus problems."


Gary Vitti, M.S., A.T.C
7X NBA World Champion Head Athletic Trainer of the Los Angeles Lakers


 "I started using the sinus irrigation products from Health Solutions Medical Products about 6 months ago and noticed a difference immediately. I do it daily as a preventative means. I recommend it to anyone who continually battles their sinuses."

Graham Fraser
President, Ironman North America Triathlon


 "I highly recommend the SinuPulse machine a product of Health Solutions Medical Products Corp.  Both my wife and I have nasal/allergy issues and prior to using SinuPulse we struggled to find solutions.  Now that we are using the SinuPulse we both have experienced outstanding success relieving our discomfort.  We both really like the natural solution the SinuPulse affords.  We totally recommend this outstanding product".
John Sanders
Los Angeles Dodgers


 "I recommend the SinuPulse Elite® from Health Solutions. It’s the premier, state-of-the-art nasal irrigation device and the only one capable of delivering both a gently pulsating moisturizing mist spray or a more thorough cleansing pulsating rinse. I've heard from people who have had an infection for months that within two days of beginning irrigation, the infection was gone, and did not return, even if irrigation was not continued beyond a few days. One of the most therapeutic measures in completely eliminating a sinus infection and treating sinusitis is use of the SinuPulse Elite® Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System - it can help quickly and dramatically."


Dr. Robert S. Ivker, Author of the Best Selling Book "Sinus Survival"
Past President, American Holistic Medical Association

Co Founder and Past President of  the American Board of Holistic Medicine

Professor Dept. of Family Medicine and Otolaryngology
University of Colorado, School of Medicine Boulder, CO


“In situations where there has been prior surgery, and chronic or recurrent purulent sinusitis continues to occur, pulsatile sinus irrigation with dilute salt water on a daily basis is frequently recommended. Besides the obvious mechanical cleansing affect, the pulsatile action is thought to help stimulate the nasal cilia back to normal function (one of main principles of contemporary sinus surgery is to preserve any and all normal respiratory mucosa as is possible so as to prevent subsequent cilia-related sinus problems). An additional advantage of this irrigation technique is that topical antibiotic solutions can be used to treat infection, which can often be primarily superficial or surface infection.”


Steve Dankle, MD
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Milwaukee, Wi


“I tested the Sinupulse Elite® Advanced Nasal Irrigation System. Woke up without the standard forced-air-heating-sore-throat. Would be amazing if u had a cold.”


Becky Worley
ABC News Technology Corespondent, Good Morning America


 " At 30 years of age, I suffered through most of my 20's with crazy sinus problems (sporadic bleeding, insane congestion, migraine headaches, repeated infections, etc.) and was pretty much at the end of my rope - ENTs, steroids, decongestants and whatnot just weren't working. It was really starting to affect my personal life, my career, etc. In short, I was a mess. Then I discovered yoga, and shortly thereafter the Neti pot. I stuck with this for a few months and noticed quite a bit of improvement, but the real revelation came when my massage therapist suggested the SinuPulse. I had to use it a lot at first - twice a day, at low pressure. But eventually I found that I higher pressure worked best. I also started tapering off my usage - presently I use it just once a week or so, more often if I happen to catch a cold. I'm happy to report that I'm sitting here, typing, and breathing clearly/easily. I'm even happier to say that this is now the norm for me.In short it totally changed my life, and although it's a bit pricey, I highly recommend it. I like to think of it as an ultra-mega-super neti pot. I would definitely buy this thing a hundred times if I had to... Definitely worth considering.”  

Richard., Ottawa, ON


 "I recently purchased a SinuPulse Elite irrigation system made by Health Solutions Medical Products back in November of 2009. I have suffered with chronic sinusitis and allergies for over 25 years.I endured sinus surgery back 10 years ago....relief only lasted about 6 months, then back to the same old sinus headaches and post nasal drip down the back of the throat....living off over the counter sinus medication was a daily routine.   After just using the SinuPulse irrigation system daily for 2 weeks I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the pressure in my head, and post nasal drip is almost a thing of the past.  My usage of over the counter medications have for the most part totally diminished. This machine is my new best friend.....it has given me back a much healthier life......I just love it and will continue to use it daily as part of my daily routine.


I highly recommend this product to anyone with sinus related illness,or to just keep the inside of your sinuses in top health.  Thank You SinuPulse!"
Kathy R., Canada


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