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SinuPulse Elite Throat Tip with Tongue Cleaner

SinuPulse Elite Throat Tip with Tongue Cleaner

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For best results, use with our SinuPulse Elite®, however, our sinus irrigator tip can fit select oral irrigator models as well!

*Attachment fits SinuPulse Elite® (SP100/SP220); Water Pik® models (WP60; WP65 WP70; WP72; excludes WP100 and portable models), and Interplak™ models (WJ7, WJ8, & WJ6)

The SinuPulse Elite® Throat Irrigator tip features state of the art contoured tongue cleaner to remove and rinse away food particles for fresh breath control. Pulsating irrigation of the throat helps removes bacteria and sooth sore throat discomfort. This safe, simple, drug free method is an excellent natural alternative.
  • 1 SinuPulse Elite® Throat Irrigator Tip with Tongue Cleaner
Benefits of Pulsatile Irrigation:
  • Soothing drug free relief for sore throat irritation and chronic hoarseness
  • Relieves pain and encourages healing
  • Safer and more effective than gargling 
  • Great for fresh breath control too!
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