SinuPulse Traveler® SPT300

Cordless Pulsating Nasal /Sinus Irrigator

Experience the benefits of pulsatile nasal irrigation with our new SinuPulse Traveler Cordless Pulsating Nasal Sinus Irrigator. It’s convenient cordless design, 4 pulsating rinse modes, rechargeable battery, and interactive LED display make it the perfect choice to complement our #1 rated best selling SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System. The SinuPulse Traveler features a rapid USB charging system, quiet operation, and global voltage. It's perfect for small spaces and travel. A powerful tool for the maintenance of clear & healthy sinuses.

SinuPulse® is the #1 recommended pulsating nasal irrigation brand. Clinically proven and accepted by leading healthcare professionals, hospitals, universities, and professional sports teams and athletic trainers.


Compact, Lightweight, and Portable

The SinuPulse Traveler® features a gentle pulsating rinse to maximize cleansing benefits. The smaller water reservoir, small base, and lightweight design helps create a more compact, lightweight, and portable device. Built-in rechargeable battery provide multiple uses on a single charge without plugging the unit into an electrical outlet. Four pulsating rinse settings including "wave" mode is adjustable through an in-handle pressure control. The SinuPulse Traveler® is perfect away from home, travel, or just on the go. The SinuPulse Traveler helps rinse away what other nasal wash products can leave behind helping you feel clear and breathing better.

The SinuPulse Traveler® Cordless Pulsating Nasal / Sinus Irrigator Includes:

  • SinuPulse Traveler® cordless pulsating nasal/sinus irrigator
  • 2 color coded sinus irrigator tips  
  • USB charging cable compatible with any power source (USB wall charger not included)
  • 30 packets formulated SinuAir® Traveler enhanced saline powder
  • User Guide with quick set-up instructions

State-of-the Art features include:

  • SinuPulse® pulsating rinse action cleans what other nasal wash products leave behind
  • Intuitive OLED display with 4 pulsating rinse modes to meet any individual need
  • Rechargeable with low battery indicator. Quick charge that lasts up to 21 days 
  • Soft hypoallergenic silicone nasal tip that rotates 360º for comfortable fit and control
  • Lightweight ergonomic handle for easy handling
  • Detachable 280 ml water reservoir for easy fill
  • Measurement scale on water reservoir
  • 1-year full warranty  

SinuPulse Traveler® - Innovation and Performance!

Since we introduced the original and very first pulsating nasal irrigation system almost 30 years ago we remain committed to continuous improvement and product innovation. The SinuPulse Traveler® has been engineered with state-of-the-art electronics and IntelliPulse™ technology. Its cordless design is convenient and portable and great for travel. Featuring a patented intuitive display the SinuPulse Traveler® delivers both versatility and performance. The SinuPulse Traveler® has 4 rinse settings including a "wave" mode to help clear the sinuses for maximum relief!

Nature's Natural Cleansing Process - Pulsatile Irrigation

Imagine raindrops falling from the sky landing on the soil with a gentle force that breaks apart soil particles. As this process continues, runoff water travels over the ground, collecting more soil particles dislodged by the rain and transports them to a new location. The pulsating rinse action of the SinuPulse Traveler® mimics this natural process and is supported by nearly 100 published medical reports. The SinuPulse Traveler® combines science and the natural cleansing process present in nature leaving you feeling clear and breathing easier.