SinuAir® Saline Powder

Standard 200g Bottle
Model SA200

SinuAir is for use with SinuPulse and all other nasal wash products. SinuAir is designed to cleanse, soothe, and moisturize sensitive nasal passages and help alleviate sinus and allergy symptoms. Most saline solutions contain only sodium chloride and baking soda. SinuAir is an enhanced "Ringers-Type" saline formulation that contains additional potassium and calcium salt compounds for maximum comfort and cleansing benefit. These natural ingredients are found in our oceans and our own bodily fluids. Clinical research report improved mucocilary clearance, natural immune response, anti-inflammatory benefit, and best for the nasal cilia. Recent reports even cite it can be as effective as using a combination of a topical steroid and hypertonic saline [1].

1 Friedman M. Hamilton et al. Allergy Rhinol 2012;2(3);252-257 [PubMed]

$14.95 USD


SinuAir Moisturizing and Irrigation Solution is recommended for use with all forms of nasal irrigation. For best results use with the SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System.

Enhanced "Ringers-Type" Saline Formulation

Physician Recommended

No Burning or Stinging

Preservative Free

Useful as an Isotonic or Hypertonic solution

FSA /HSA Approved

Each package contains:

- 200g of SinuAir powdered saline 

- Refillable pump spray bottle 

- Measuring spoon