SinuPulse Traveler Maintenance

Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tips

Thank you for your purchase of our SinuPulse Traveler Cordless Nasal Sinus Irrigation System. The following FAQ and troubleshooting steps and maintenance tips will resolve most issues quickly and help ensure optimal performance.

How do you charge the SinuPulse Traveler?

The SinuPulse Traveler includes a USB global charging cord that plugs into the back of the unit.  Remove the small white rubber gasket/seal and connect the end of the cable. The other end with the USB connection fits any USB wall charger and plugged into any standard outlet. The rapid charging system will fully charge a drained battery in 4 hours and and hold a charge up to 21 days.

How do you fill the SinuPulse Traveler?

The water tank can be filled two ways:

1) The fill hole is located on the back of the water tank, simply lift cover and fill.

2) The water tank is fully detachable. A small twist counter clockwise will detach water tank from upper body for rapid fill and easy cleaning. A small twist clockwise is all that is needed to reassemble.

My SinuPulse Traveler will not turn on or pressure is reduced?

Check battery level indicator and make sure product is fully charged. If the pressure is reduced, charge with the USB charging cable until fully charged (4 hours) for maximum performance. As with all rechargeable cordless products performance will be reduced as battery is discharged. The Traveler will shut off after 120 seconds of continuous use to prevent overheating. The device will generally reset within 30 minutes once the motor cools down.



Does the nasal bulb contain latex? 

Our SinuPulse silicone nasal bulb is 100% latex free. The patented design utilizes a premium medical grade silicone material to ensure it is both environmentally friendly and chemically neutral. This is an important upgrade for chemically sensitive users. Replacement sinus tips are available at Note: Any residual odor from silicone bulb trapped in the packaging will dissipate quickly once aired out, generally within 24 hours


Can I use any saline in the Traveler? 

All of our SinuPulse models can be used with any saline products. SinuAir is an enhanced saline formulation that includes potassium and calcium salt compounds not found in other saline products. These additional salt compounds are similar to the composition of sea water and our own natural bodily fluids for maximum cleansing benefit. SinuAir moisturizes and helps maintain healthy ciliary function for comfortable clear breathing.

SinuAir is available in 2.5g pre-measured packets (SinuAir Traveler) specifically for single serving use with the smaller capacity cordless Traveler model. SinuAir is available in our standard 5g pre-measured packets for single serving use with the larger capacity SinuPulse Elite counter top model. Both SinuAir packets are interchangeable. In addition, we offer economy refill bottles both 200g and 300g.





Where can I purchase a replacement charging cable?

The SinuPulse Traveler utilizes a universal USB charging cable available on Amazon complete with and without charging port caps. 

Charging cable with charging port caps  Charging cable only


General Cleaning 

Use of saline solutions contribute to mineral and salt deposits which can accumulate in your irrigator, causing it to lose pressure and effectiveness over time. Following some simple steps will keep your SinuPulse Traveler® clean and ensure optimal performance.

After each use rinse the water tank thoroughly with warm water to remove any residual saline and allow to air dry. Soap and water may also be used periodically for cleaning. It is beneficial to frequently rinse the unit after use by running through a full reservoir of pure warm water until there is no more water in the reservoir and none is being ejected from the tip. Once the water has all gone, continue to allow the unit to run for about 5 seconds, to push out any residual moisture. Be sure to wipe down the unit regularly to remove any saline solution that may have spilled on the exterior to minimize accumulation of salt deposits.

It's easy to keep your SinuPulse Traveler® clean so you continue to get the maximum benefit for your sinus health.

How to Decalcify and Disinfect your SinuPulse Traveler (Recommended monthly)

Step 1
Start with a diluted white vinegar solution 1 part vinegar 3 parts water. If necessary you can increase the level of vinegar for stubborn calcification and mineral deposits.

Step 2
Be sure to rinse the tank with a small amount of the dilute vinegar solution. Wipe down the outer housing after each use to ensure any salt residue is kept to a minimum.

Step 3

Fill the water tank with the dilute vinegar solution and run through the unit until empty.

Step 4
Soak the sinus tip(s) in a small container of the dilute vinegar solution to remove any mineral deposits which may have formed. Following these steps will help ensure proper operation and optimal performance.


Troubleshooting Chart


Possible Cause

Recommended Solution

It does not start

Product is new or has been left unused for a period of 2-3 months

Charge the unit for at least 4 hours or until fully charged.

It only works for a few minutes after charging

Battery has reached the end of its life cycle

Contact customer service for support

Charging time insufficient  not fully charged

Charge the unit for at least 4 hours or until fully charged.

Water pressure is low

Battery level is low

Fully charge unit

Sinus tip is blocked

Clean or replace sinus tip

Hose filter is dirty

Clean hose filter

Water is not pumping through the unit.

Water tank is empty

Refill water tank

The irrigator is tilted too much while in use.

Use irrigator in a more vertical position


To help with unit being used in a more tilted position ensure the hose is directed to the rear of the water tank. May take a little positioning of the hose initially but will retain a slight bend after a brief period of use.