SinuPulse Elite® Water Tank

SinuPulse Replacement Water Tank for model(s) SP100/ SP220V

The SinuPulse Elite® replacement water tank including hygienic cover and flip lid. The unique step down design minimizes calcification and mineral/salt deposits which are the primary contributors to clogging and premature wear. 

$7.95 USD

The 24 oz. large capacity reservoir holds up to 3 times more irrigation solution than standard neti pots and nasal wash bottles. Measurement scale on the water tank and hygienic cover with flip lid makes mixing solutions quick and easy without the mess. 

- 24 oz. hi-capacity water tank for longer irrigation and less refills

- 100% BPA free and Estrogenic/Androgenic free

- Impact resistant

- Hygienic cover with flip lid

- Measurement scale for easy mixing