SinuPulse Elite®
Throat Mist Tip

The SinuPulse Elite® Throat Mist Tip & Advanced Tongue Cleaner provides a pulsating mist spray sensation for soothing moisturizing relief. The fine mist application is excellent for use with your favorite mouth rinse for fresh breath protection.


$17.95 USD

Fits SinuPulse Elite models only (SP100/220) and is not for use with any other irrigator or appliance and should only be used according to directions. Pulsating irrigation of the throat helps soothe and moisturize irritated sore throats. This safe, simple, drug free method is an excellent natural alternative for sore throat relief.

Benefits of Pulsating Irrigation with ThroatMist Tip:

- Soothe and moisturize dry irritated throats

- Gentle spray rinse. 

- light pulsatile mist spray excellent for use with your favorite mouthwash or oral rinse.