SinuPulse Elite® SinuMist Irrigator Tip

The SinuMist® Irrigator Tip provides a soothing moisturizing pulsating spray rinse. The fine mist spray is an excellent alternative for dry irritated nasal passages. 

- Attachment for SinuPulse Elite® Only

$17.95 USD

The SinuMist® tip is not designed for large volume irrigation (16 oz) for general cleansing. For that purpose be sure to use the SinuPulse Standard Sinus Irrigator Tip (Model SPST). The SinuMist ®Tip is for use only with SinuPulse Elite® models (SP100/SP220).

Benefits of Pulsating Irrigation with SinuMist® Tip:

- Soothe and moisturize irritated nasal passages

- Gentle spray alternative

- Excellent for use with holistic rinses