SinuPulse Elite® SinuMist Tip

The SinuMist® Tip provides a soothing moisturizing pulsating spray rinse. The fine mist spray is an excellent alternative for dry irritated nasal passages. 

Attachment for SinuPulse Elite® Only


$18.95 USD

The SinuMist tip is not designed for large volume irrigation (16 oz) for general cleansing. For that purpose be sure to use the SinuPulse Standard Sinus Irrigator Tip (Model SPST). The SinuMist Tip is for use only with SinuPulse Elite models (SP100/SP220).

Benefits of Pulsating Irrigation with SinuMist® Tip:

- Soothe and moisturize irritated nasal passages

- Gentle spray alternative

- Excellent for use with holistic rinses