"Many people with asthma or other respiratory conditions also have nasal and sinus symptoms. Drainage from your nose and sinuses may get into the lungs, especially at night, worsening breathing symptoms. A salt water nasal wash helps reduce this possibility. Some people call this a nasal irrigation. This procedure removes mucus and bacteria from your nose and reduces symptoms of postnasal drip and nasal congestion. An effective treatment is the use of a sinus irrigator with a saline solution."

National Jewish Medical and Research Center (Ranked the #1 Respiratory Hospital in America 5 years in a row)
Global Leader in Lung, Allergic, and Immune Diseases
Denver, Colorado


 “My clinical experience with over 3000 patients supports the findings. This works equally well for atrophic rhinitis, aging rhinitis and to a lesser degree for allergic rhinitis Pulsatile irrigation is superior to non pulsatile. Just as pulsatile irrigation is superior for cleaning your teeth or cleaning a wound, the pulsatile irrigation does a superior job of dislodging thick mucus and debris.”

Terence M Davidson,
San Diego, CA, USA
Director UCSD Nasal Dysfunction Clinic, UCSD School of Medicine


“The sinus irrigation products from Health Solutions Medical Products Corporation can dramatically reduce the need for antibiotics, corte-steroids, and even surgery for those that suffer from chronic sinus and allergy problems. This is not only a great natural alternative for our patients but helps to contain costs of expensive and increasingly ineffective antibiotics and even surgery.”

Patient Advocacy Team
Med Partners, Inc


“My one area of health weakness is my sinuses. I have been very impressed with the results reported for the SinuPulse Elite. It’s an advanced nasal sinus irrigation system recommended by ENT specialists and it’s very easy to use. It has become part of my daily routine, like brushing one’s teeth and has made a big difference. With a couple of days my nasal passages and my breathing have become so much clearer. I definitely recommend it for anyone who suffers form allergy or sinus problems/sinus issues/concerns.“

Professor Patrick Holford
Best Selling Author and Healthcare Expert

 Hi i have just purchased one of your sinu pulse elite (model SP100) irrigation systems. I  have had sinus problems for years I have been to the doctors & hospital many times all they give you is sprays that gave me polyps in my nose. I have not been able to taste food or smell anything and I have had this last about two years continuously. I used your system  on monday the 5th of may 2008 for the first time and within two days my life changed, I can now smell & taste my food this is brilliant. I just had to tell you this and thank you so much for this product.


Yours Sincerely

E. Stacey, Great Britain

P.S: I have highly recommended your system to family & friends


 Instant Relief - I noticed my tonsils were really swollen and had white spots on them. I did some research and found out the white spots were dead white blood cells and dead bacteria. A tool known as a SinuPulse Elite Throat Irrigator Tip can be used to remove these white spots. By removing the dead bacteria from the tonsils it allows more white blood cells to circulate and fight off the infection.


Thomas, TX


Wow - terrific upgrade
Nicely designed unit that works extremely well. By far better than all other methods I have tried. Especially liked being able to control the water flow directly from the handle very convenient. Takes up less space than my old HP and the mist spray, very cool.

C. Walcott , CA



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