“After two painful sinus operations which didn’t resolve my problems, I started using pulsating nasal irrigation with a saline solution, and since then my health has improved dramatically. Instead of 2-3 or more sinus infections per year I have had two infections in 7 years, and those only occurred after long 24 hour trips from overseas when my resistance was way down. I used to get colds all the time, but now I watch others with colds and remark to myself how I never get them any more! Needless to say, I’m sold on pulsating sinus irrigation. (Note- I tried using a Neti Pot, but that method didn’t work for me at all. There is something about the fast pulses of water that is particularly effective.) When something works, you are reluctant to change. Just because a new machine came along, I wasn’t ready to jump in with both feet. However, my old machine broke down, and I obviously needed a new one. I wanted to stick with “old faithful”, but I had to face the fact that this machine was the second one that broke down on me in a little over a year. The machine was very good, but the salt solution I used must have taken its toll.


The SinuPulse Elite® has some new features besides just normal nasal and throat irrigation. The unit comes with a mist producing irrigation tip which creates mist that can penetrate deeply and soothe nasal passages. It also comes with a mist producing throat irrigation tip and tongue cleaner. This attachment helps soothe the throat and tongue and also helps to remove food particles and bacteria that can cause bad breath. The SinuPulse Elite® unit also comes with 30 packets of saline solution, and there is a user guide that explains exactly how to use the machine and how to mix a saline solution just using non-iodized salt if you prefer, rather than purchasing more saline packets.


All or most of these people could probably get control of their chronic sinus problems if they were to use a SinuPulse Elite® machine. If you want to improve your health, get yourself a SinuPulse Elite® and use it daily. It feels a little funny at first and takes some getting-used-to (you don’t normally have water going into one nostril and out the other), but it is really no big deal. Almost any good sinus book written in the past 5 years recommends nasal irrigation as a must-do to avoid sinus problems.”

Walt, CO

 “This product is a must for anyone suffering from allergies. Since I began using this product I can smell again and can breath through my nose. It's wonderful!!!!!”

Paula, Fort Wayne, IN


 Concerned Mother
"Our son started with allergy testing when he was I believe around 18 months old. Because we had been to his Allergist, ENT, and Pediatrician numerous times in the last year, I called my Pharmacist to get a print out of all the medications they had prescribed for him over the course of that year. I just about flipped when I looked at the report; he had been on an antibiotic every 2-3 months the entire last year!   I encouraged my husband to do research to find an alternative solution to ear tubes, antibiotics, and other medications. Amazingly he found the SinuPulse Elite Nasal Irrigation System!

Although the machine is recommended for children five and older, my son was very willing to give it a try. He was around 4 and a half at the time, and what a difference it made! He was able to get relief every time he was having sinus issues, and was stopped up. Don't get me wrong, it takes dedication, sometimes we have to do it twice a day depending on how congested he is, but the payoff has been outstanding! "To my knowledge he has not suffered from an ear infection since we started irrigating, he has not had to take an antibiotic, for sinus/allergy related issues (I say this because I believe the only antibiotic he has had to take was for Strep Throat) in the last 2 1/2 years. He has continued to take his nasal steroid and Claritin which has been much more effective since we began irrigating. About four weeks ago, we had to take him off the Claritin so we could get him tested for cat allergies, I figured we would stop both the Claritin and nasal steroid for a few weeks to see what happened. By continuing to irrigate when he is congested or has drainage, we have been able to control his sinus/allergy issues with the Nasal Irrigation System; for the 1st time in years, he is off all daily medications!!!

"Because of all that he has been through, and the drastic results we have witnessed, we are huge advocates of this system, and highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from chronic sinusitis, allergies, and/or ear infections. It has made all the difference in our family.  I cannot do justice by the way of email for all the issues this system has helped to resolve for our family."


Lebanon, TN



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