“I had suffered from catarrh for eight months, after a common cold in December 2007, which caused me sleepless nights every night due to coughing. Two days after using the SinuPulse Elite nasal/ sinus irrigation machine which you supplied, the coughing stopped and I have been able to sleep normally at night again. It has been a very significant recovery for me as a CT scan prior to this had shown that my sinuses were full. The Sinupulse has been the catalyst in helping to clear them. I had previously tried nasal sprays and antibiotics which had no effect. I am very grateful to have found the SinuPulse and it has made a big difference to me. I am continuing to use it at least once a week at present. My family will also use it when they have a cold or sinus problems.”

United Kingdom


 I have had this for about a week and a half. Prior to using it I had experienced about 6 straight months of total nasal congestion every morning. I did not sleep well, and I had a dry mouth and chapped lips from solely breathing through my mouth. I started off using it twice a day (Once I cleared my nasal passages in the morning and before bed at night). After four days I woke up with my right nostril completely clear. Yesterday, both sides were completely clear. Now, I rarely have to use inhalers or sprays which had become a way of life. If you are suffering, please do yourself a favor and buy this product. To me, it is already worth the money paid and then some.


Carthage, MS


 Life-changing, brilliant little device!, 8 Aug 2008
Been using it for the last two months and decided to share my thoughts:

- I've been suffering from chronic sinusitis for the last 6-7 years.
- I ruled out surgery, as symptoms reoccur after surgery anyway.
- After about a week of daily (early morning and late evening) usage,
I don't suffer from headaches anymore. Breathing is obviously much easier. My snoring level has decreased (obviously).
- Currently using it once, sometimes twice a week.

Worth the money, what a dramatic improvement of quality of life!


Jack W.
Esex, United Kingdom


"WOW, it works like the doctor's version, great for low humidity environments".


Kelly, United States


 Letter sent to Dr. Paul Russell of Vanderbilt University Medical Center by a patient, published with her permission:

"When I last saw you on March 14 08, you suggested that I try the SinuPulse Elite® Sinus Irrigation System. I purchased the system and began use on 19 March 2008. I was so miserable that I was thrilled at the possibility of any relief... (especially to get off those steroids!). I can't begin to tell you just how good this system is. You are aware of the nasty stuff you must pull from my nostrils on each visit, especially the left side. It is thick, greenish/black with a leather-like consistency. I am most thrilled to tell you that I am now getting that same nasty stuff out of my head plus a lot of yellow mucous drainage RIGHT AT HOME! It's really funny to see me jump for joy when I get that stuff out because I believe it may keep you from having to do it for me, which is so painful!

After 4 painful surgeries and many painful follow-up visits, I can honestly tell you that the $97.00 I paid for this system is by far the best money I've ever spent!!!! When I think of the many thousands of dollars we spent out-of-pocket, not to mention the many drugs and picc lines and IV therapy both in and out of hospital......I shudder at the thought. How I wish this system had been available before now!  Hopefully when I visit you on 20 June 2008, you will find my left nostril almost, if not completely CLEAN!

I must tell you that I've shared the information about this system with friends and family. My best friend placed an order for the system just this past weekend. I, myself, just placed an order for refills of the solution. The customer service that comes along with this product is second to none. I have never ordered an item that included such kind, encouraging customer care. "I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone I know who has a sinus or allergy issue. To be honest, I believe this system, if used by someone that hasn't developed sinus trouble, could probably be saved from having sinus trouble if they used this system daily.

I just wanted to let you know how I'm coming along and to thank you for giving me the SinuPulse brochure in your office. It truly has made a difference for me!"


Horse Cave, KY


 “Amazing relief!! I've also used a neti pot, but this is far superior. I have severe allergies, year round, and a friend recommended the neti pot which my doctor had never mentioned. It worked so well, right off the bat, that I purchased this, and I'm amazed. It takes only a few minutes, and I use it once in the morning and once before bed just as part of my normal routine. The thing is terrific, and I get instant relief PLUS the nighttime usage has really helped that early morning stuffiness. I can't get over the change. If you suffer allergies or other sinus issues, this could really, really improve your comfort level. I still have to take my meds, but at least now I can stay on top of problem, and I give full credit to the SinuPulse. It sounds like I'm one of their employees, but I'm not, just a regular person with allergies. And I'm breathing!! YAY!”

Rob, FL

 “After my wife ordered the SinuPulse Elite we anxiously waited for the product to arrive. After using it we were not disappointed. It is by far the very best nasal irrigation system we have used. Not as messy as other products I have tried we especially liked the misting atomizer function and its quiet operation. The push button pressure control makes irrigating very easy. Since using the SinuPulse my allergy symptoms have improved dramatically. I no longer have the annoying post nasal drip and I can breathe so much better. Your customer service and quick delivery were terrific.”

William, California



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