NASAL IRRIGATION – Nasal irrigation uses saline - just water & salt - to cleanse the nose. A wide variety of applicators have been used over the years. Lavage or nasal wash bottles direct a saline based solution into the nose. Their effectiveness is limited since the saline solution tends to flow over the top of  the bio-film in a superficial manner. Neti-pots rely on simple gravity and require the head be tilted in an awkward and uncomfortable position.  They too are limited in effectiveness, messy to use, and present similar disadvantages although both may be helpful in providing temporary relief. 


PULSATILE IRRIGATION – Pulsatile irrigation's gentle pulsating action applies Bernoulli's principle and the Venturi effect to deliver a cleansing salt-water solution in an easily controlled and effective manner. These principles explain how the upper sinuses drain into the lower sinus creating a siphon effect when the lower sinus cavities of a patient have been cleared with pulsatile irrigation. The oscillating stream of saline washes away the thick bio-film and frees your cilia to help you clear your sinuses of infections and foreign substances that can lead to chronic infections.  Imagine rain drops falling from the sky landing on the soil with a gentle force that breaks apart soil particles.  As this process continues, runoff water travels over the ground, collecting more soil particles dislodged by the rain and transports them to a new location. Pulsatile irrigation mimics a cleansing process present in nature.





Neti pots - after 3000 years there must be a better more effective method for nasal irrigation?

Yes, neti pots have been used for over 3000 years and remain an inexpensive method for rinsing out the nasal passages. However, neti pots are by their nature simply nasal wash or rinse devices. They can be messy, uncomfortable, and marginally effective. The SinuPulse Elite® is a state-of-the-art advanced pulsatile irrigation system recommended by leading ENT's, allergists, and used regularly by world champion professional sports teams for proven and effective allergy and sinus relief. Published clinical studies report SinuPulse technology is up to 100X more effective at removing bacteria. Invest in your sinus health with the most advanced nasal irrigation system available.  Your health deserves nothing less!


Clinical studies demonstrate that pulsatile irrigation is up to 100X more effective [1], [2], [3] at cleansing and removing bacteria than steady stream irrigation used by neti pots. Neti pots may be adequate for nasal washing but can not break down biofilm, the thickened layer of mucous that forms as a result of chronic allergy and sinus problems.  The intermittent lavage or pulsatile action of the SinuPulse helps to massage nasal and sinus tissues, promote blood flow, restore ciliary function, and remove bacteria


1Brown, LL; Shelton HT, Bornside GH, Cohn I Jr (1978 Feb). "Evaluation of wound irrigation by pulsatile jet and conventional methods" (abstract). Ann Surg.187 ((2)): 170–73. PMID 343735. 


2 Anglen, J; Apostoles S, Christensen G, Gainor B. R (1994 Oct). "The efficacy of various irrigation solutions and methods in removing slime-producing staphylococcus" (abstract). J Orthop Trauma8 ((2)): 390–6. doi:10.1097/00005131-199410000-00004. PMID 7996321. 


3 Svoboda, SJ; Bice TG, Gooden HA, Brooks DE, Thomas DB, Wenke JC (2006 Oct). "Comparison of bulb syringe and pulsed lavage irrigation." (abstract). J Bone Joint Surg Am88 ((10)): 2167–74. doi:10.2106/JBJS.E.00248. PMID 17015593.


 Features/Benefits Irrigation Devices
SinuPulse Elite®
Sinus System
Hydro Pulse®
Sinus System
(ex. Rinoflow)
Neti Pot Devices
(ex. SinuCleanse)
Rinse Bottles
(ex. SinusRinse)
Bulb Syringe

Dual spray mode
(pulsating mist and cleansing rinse)

Yes No        

Sinus Atomizer Tip  (pulsating mist spray)

Yes No        

Throat Atomizer Tip (pulsating mist spray)

Yes No        

Micro touch switch with LED Display

Yes No        

Safety tip lock and release button

Yes No        

Intellipulse™ technology for a calibrated  consistent pulse rate

Yes No        

Designed for use with physician  recommended solutions

Yes No        

Includes 30 day supply of formulated irrigation solution

Yes No
(5 Day)

Fully adjustable pressure control for individual comfort and optimal performance on handle

Yes No        

Clog resistant and leak proof design

Yes No        

Utilizes pulsatile irrigation shown in clinical tests to actually stimulate and restore the nasal and sinus cilia for healthy and clear sinuses

Yes Yes No No No No

Supported by published medical reports

Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited Limited

Comfortable and easy to use

Yes Yes No No No No

Throat Irrigator for sore throat and breath control

Yes Yes No No No No

Effectively irrigates lower sinuses

Yes Yes Limited Limited Limited Limited

Effectively stimulates nasal and  sinus cilia

Yes Yes Limited Limited Limited Limited

FDA registered and UL approved

Yes Yes Yes No No No

Eligible for Insurance  reimbursement

Yes Yes Yes No No No

100% hypoallergenic - no latex or  rubber

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Cleanses nasal passages

Yes Yes







With over 30 years of sinus irrigation experience,  Health Solutions Medical Products Corp. brings  you  the  new SinuPulse Elite® Advanced Nasal / Sinus Irrigation System. It is the first and only FDA registered and UL approved pulsatile device designed to deliver both a pulsating atomized  moisturizing mist spray and a pulsating cleansing rinse. It has  been specifically designed to effectively cleanse the sinuses and restore ciliary function gently and in a  control manner. It is 100%  hypo-allergenic with  fully adjustable  pressure controls for maximum comfort and control.  

Hydro-Pulse Irrigation System

Dual pulsating rinse mode (cleansing and moisturizing mist spray)

Single pulsating rinse

EZ touch push button on handle for on/off and adjustable pressure

Pause feature only on handle - no pressure control

30 SinuAir® powdered saline packets (1 month supply)

5 saline packets

lntellipulse™ technology - calibrated 1250 pulses per minute

Standard oral irrigator design

360º degree swivel tips with lock release for comfort and control

Non swivel tips

Hi capacity water tank (700ml)

500 ml water tank

2 year warranty

1 year warranty

Micro Touch push button with LED Display


Non clog and leak resistant design


Side mounted self winding water hose


Flex tip design


Contoured throat tip with advanced tongue cleaner


Color coded sinus and throat tips


Designed and engineered in Switzerland