“A particularly helpful strategy in the treatment and prevention of chronic sinusitis is saline washing using the sinus irrigator. The force of the apparatus in propelling the fluid through the nose is so effective in clearing blocked passages that, if it is done regularly, some patients with persistent or chronic sinusitis need no drug treatment at all."

Patient Care Magazine/February 1997
Gary Rachelefsky, M.D.

"Positive Pressure Irrigation (Sinus Irrigator) irrigates the sinuses more consistently and reliably than other methods. Of the three methods studied positive pressure irrigation distributed solution reliably to the ethmoid and maxillary sinuses and to the bilateral maxillary sinuses in the majority of subjects studied"

David E. L. Olson MD, Barry M. Rasgon MD, Raymond L. Hilsinger, Jr. MD
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
Dept. of Head and Neck Surgery


 “Received a SinuPulse Elite unit from my doctor. The dual spray feature was amazing. I especially liked the ability to control the water flow right at the handle and not have to search for the pressure control while irrigating like with my Hydro Pulse. I use the atomizer function for some of my doctor recommended solutions - simply great! ”

Kim Fields, Dallas, TX


 “The SinuPulse came in just two days and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. I started using it immediately and my symptoms are already starting to improve”

Kathy S.
Los Angeles, CA


 “My daughter ordered me a Sinupulse Elite for my allergy and sinus problems. It has helped me immensely. Easy to use and only takes minutes each morning I look forward to waking up and using my Sinupulse. What a great product. Love the flow control on the handle and the mist spray option too!”

Mary, CA

 I have just purchased the great product called SinuPulse Elite. I have tried it and it gave me immediately relief for my sinus pain. Anyway, just want to tell you that I am a satisfied customer and want to tell you to keep up with the good work. 

Lucien, Canada

 A great, great product!
If I had to pick the one product that has really made my life better, it would have to be the SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System. I've had sinus problems for many years and this thing has relieved most of the problems that I've had with nasal congestion and sinus infections. What it does is provide a pulsating stream of warm saline solution that gently removes toxins and mucus from the sinuses and nasal cavities. After each daily one minute treatment, I can breath perfectly normal for a long time afterwards. I highly recommend it for anybody who has allergies, sinus problems or chronic nasal congestion.

Sinus Sufferer, Los Angeles


 Wow, Great Machine
After suffering from sinus for many years, I finally got sick of taking drugs, so went looking for any other option. I then found this great machine the SinuPulse Elite. I have been using it for 4 days now and am extremely happy with the results. My sinuses are clearer than they have ever been in years, and it now so much easier to breath.

If your sick of drugs, give it a bash!


Richard, Brisbane Australia

 Great Product
Purchased a SinuPulse while vacationing in CA after hearing it recommended on TV. The quick delivery and knowledgeable folks at AlerG made the purchase easy. I have used other nasal irrigation devices and the SinuPulse is by the best product with the most features on the market. Quiet and easy to use the two spray operation is fantastic and makes the device so much more versatile than the other irrigation products.

Worth every penny and more!

R Davis from TX



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