I Have A What....Brain Tumor?

I Have A What....Brain Tumor?

After suffering personally with frequent colds and upper respiratory infections and allergies we started Health Solutions nearly 30 years ago introducing the original sinus irrigator system helping to pioneer the modern nasal wash industry. I was recently reminded 30 years later of the superior benefits firsthand of SinuPulse. The headline, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had been experiencing double vision and debilitating headaches for months. I knew this was not normal I NEVER get headaches, my wife would often joke "you're a carrier – you give them, you don’t get them". One day I noticed when looking up in the mirror at the few hairs left on my head I could not focus and was seeing double. As I drove to the doctor driving like Mr. Magoo, with an intense headache, at 20 mph, I could not help but think of Arnold Schwarzenegger and "Its not a tumor". Doc ordered a a brain MRI on a Friday and it was a long weekend hoping for the best, but fearing the worst. 

I received a call from my primary doc on Monday and nervously asked “what's up doc”, who replied “Don't freak out but...you have a brain tumor. BUT if you are going to have a brain tumor this is the one to have it is always benign and not cancer". Doc explained it's suspected to be a pituitary adenoma which are 99% benign but can increase in size causing headaches and put pressure on the surrounding optic nerves. This results in vision problems and can lead to permanent loss in vision if not removed and will require surgery. More good news because of its location and advancements in technology a neurosurgeon will remove the tumor endoscopically (through the nose) which will be less invasive. I was able to meet with a terrific neurosurgeon at Cedars Sinai Medical Center one of the nation's premier hospitals. He would work closely with a team of doctors including an ENT specialist that specializes in this type of neurosurgery. I explained unlike my wife's perfectly symmetrical and petite nose I was generously providing the team plenty of nasal runway to do the surgery since you could house a 747 in my nose. 

After a battery of preoperative testing and more brain scans, I had the surgery. It was long, almost six hours, required a graft, and lumbar drain, but successful and the pathology was non-cancerous, woo hoo! I spent a week in the hospital for recovery, a battery of blood tests, and monitoring of the cerebral brain fluid to reduce pressure in the spinal cord and brain. Other than a week or two of nagging headaches, the worst part of the surgery was the post op recovery of my nose and nasal passages. I knew nasal irrigation would be key and it just happened I had something for that, lol. Easy to set up the SinuPulse takes only minutes to use and proved to be a minor miracle helping to restore my sense of smell after only a couple of weeks. The superior cleansing benefit of the SinuPulse and the pulsating rinse action helps reduce post-op debridement, inflammation, scar tissue, restore natural ciliary function, and speed up the healing process. I resumed work only a week after surgery and continued to irrigate for the next 60 days to ensure optimal healing.  

We started this journey almost 30 years ago and 30 years later I am reminded of the benefits of pulsatile nasal irrigation. Supported by dozens of published medical reports, individual experiences are worth more than any clinical study. Trusted by millions pulsatile nasal irrigation can be a game changer if you suffer with severe allergies and sinus problems or plan to have some form of sinus surgery. When your health matters most you can trust SinuPulse - the industry leader and Original Sinus Irrigator company since 1996. 


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